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Hair Replacement Systems -How do we do it?


In our private salons, we start by taking a mold of your exact head dimensions and we take a sample cut of your hair so we can match your hair system with your natural hair. We also take into consideration the following:

- your age

- your lifestyle

- your skin color

- the texture and density of your hair.


Realistic replacements are matched to your hair sample and your personalized profile. Working from your mold, one hair at a time is sewn to a skin-like membrane.


In about four weeks, you return to our private salon, and our experienced stylists will attach the hair system. We offer various methods of attachments depending on your lifestyle and preference. There are permanent attachments that stay on for an average of 4 weeks and semi-permanent attachments that you can put on or off yourself. Permanent attachment methods include: Weave, Bond, Fusion, or Micro Link. Semi-Permanent attachments are: Tape, Clips and Vacuum.


After the stylists have attached the hair system, they style it—short, long, wavy, curls, straight, pulled back, parted in the middle, or to the side. Any way you want.

What an amazing transformation! It's you! Wear it anywhere at anytime. You can go swimming, horseback riding, riding in a top-down convertible. You can even wear it in a sauna.


Styling and Maintenance

Every 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon how fast your hair grows, you visit your own personal stylist. These regular maintenance visits help to keep your hair system looking natural and blending seamlessly with your own hair. In our private salons, you receive a haircut (your own hair) and your hair system is cleaned and re-attached. Of course, between salon treatments, you can shampoo, blow-dry and style your own hair system at home.


You'll be so glad you did!

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